Good morning, we all have very different needs when we wake up.  Some of us awake  hungry  and need a bigbreakfast, while others may want something warm and comforting and the rest might fancy something fresh and light. Some are in a hurry and others have more time. I would like to share some healthy breakfast ideas with you. As promised I will start off with quinoa porridge. This is the simple version that may also be given to babies from 9 months up.

The first thing is to make quinoa as I showed you guys a while back.

For simple Quinoa preparation,  please click here.

If you don’t have  time in the morning to boil the quinoa then you may do so the night before. You can  store it in your fridge overnight or if you have any left over from a previous meal then you can just use that. If you do have the time , boil up the quinoa for 15 minutes – one cup quinoa and two cups water.

When it’s ready place it aside, whether cold from the fridge or hot, and add it into a small pot :

– one can of coconut milk in the pot with the quinoa – heat up and stir

– teaspoon of cinnamon (organic). I love cinnamon but if you like less, then adjust it to your taste.  If you are making this for your baby just add 1 to 3 dashes.

Then you take a hand controlled food processor and work the mixture until the texture is creamy and pudding like. This feeds around  two to three people depending on how hungry you are in the morning. This is also a simple recipe to share with your baby if you are at home. Make one serving and share a meal with him  or her 🙂 For your portion you may also top it off with your favorite fruits such as: dates, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries, banana or apple.

Hope you like it. Enjoy 🙂

Love JM


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