Many people ask me how do I get my sons’ to eat vegetables. People say, “oh wow,  lucky you! Your sons eat healthy food, my child/children just don’t want to eat this kind of food.

Children eat what they are told and taught to eat and most importantly what they see us eat. First food after breast milk is also very important such as fresh living foods, vegetables, and fruits instead of these factory made puddings and processed foods.

Of course, children, just like anyone else,  have different taste. Some like broccoli and others carrots or zucchini. If your child will not eat broccoli it does not necessarily mean he has to have pasta or bread as an alternative.

I suggest that you don’t give up. Keep trying and hang in there busy mamma. Try other vegetables;  I know they may cry or want to leave the table and so on  (been there, done that) but you must try to set rules.  If they don’t eat what is for dinner there is nothing else so, at some point, they will have to come and eat what’s already been prepared.

Find other recipes try different ingredients for soups or try homemade veggie burgers. I make vegetable burgers ( I will share the recipe soon) I make a lot and freeze it. It is easy to just pull this out, heat up and make some side dish such as roasted sweet potatoes and carrots. Steam vegetables and then blend them. Chop down the burger, put it in the bowl and pour your vegetable cream over it.

I do know this is all much easier said than done. Believe me, because I am right there with you in a sweaty kitchen trying to make my sons tasty healthy food while telling them they must eat and like it 🙂

One day I read a quote from a very funny comedy mamma on Instagram and she said: “ we are not our children’s’ friends, we are their parents and we have to raise them well so they will become nice, intelligent people and not assholes!

This made me laugh but also makes great sense!

My mother and grandmothers say the rule in the house is love. Children need this so if they don’t eat their vegetables or the dinner that was prepared for them then they just don’t eat. In this way, they will learn to eat the dinner and lunch that their loving mother worked so hard to prepare. This will also teach them respect for food because it is precious.

I have seen children eating salads. I saw one at a  festival in Ibiza a bunch of children 4-7 years old with a big plate of crunchy fresh salad and they seemed to enjoy it very much. I thought wow, everything is possible they must have been raised well. They also had such a beautiful light in their eyes and they spoke to each other like adults. This is rare to see in cities.

When my boyfriend and I eat lots of salad our kids also want to have it. Our children eat what we eat. They want what they see the adults or the children around them eating. If they are hungry they will eat what is on the table. My children were often snacking too much between meals. My sons use to come to the kitchen and say they were hungry and I would often give them something. Trying to buy some peace and quiet in the house but then when dinner was finally ready they would not be hungry and did not want to sit and eat. So in a sense, I did buy some earlier peace but now I had made another mess.

Well, of course, they did not want to sit still and eat their dinner with us. Until I told them to wait, no snacking after 4 – 4.30pm. Just play and wait patiently and the food will arrive later. All of the sudden dinner time became a peaceful event and they ate all the food on the plate. Sebastian stared at me and said, ” brava mamma e Buono”  🙂 AHAHA

Many of you have been asking me about the diet I feed my sons; are we vegetarian? What is the rule, the system?

Well, I don’t make a lot of rules when it comes to food, even though there are some things you will never see me or us eat such as Macdonalds or other shabby fast food. No coke or other sodas and absolutely not for my sons. I am lucky because I never even liked that stuff. Also, no processed meat of any kind.