As most of you know by now I am a Pilates Instructor. I studied and taught in New York for 8 years. In New York, I tried my first yoga class about 12 years ago and ever since I have been on my way to becoming certified as a yoga teacher.

I have always practiced and gone to many yoga festivals and training courses with all kinds of beautiful yoga masters and gurus. Yoga changed my life just like Pilates did but in a different way. Yoga does something deeper for my mind and I feel like it can move my emotions. Yoga has become a lifestyle as you can do it absolutely everywhere. All you need is a mat or even just a floor. With Pilates you can travel and take your Pilates with you everywhere you go and it does also become a lifestyle. They are not much different and kind of belong in the same family of exercise and I feel they mix together beautifully.

But now I would like to talk to you about Yoga and I am so happy to tell you that October 1st, yes NEXT Sunday,  Wanderlust Yoga festival is coming to Milano, Italy in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci.

I went to my first Wanderlust Yoga festival last summer in California, Squaw Valley and had a wonderful three days just dedicated to me, my practice and health. I learned so much by stepping very far out of my comfort zone surrounded by beautiful yogis from all over the world and being guided by so many masters and gurus.

When I was contacted for the Wanderlust festival the first time in Italy, I felt immediately happy and excited and I have now been waiting since early this summer for the big day to arrive. Now it is around the corner and I am ecstatic and nervous as I will give my first talk ever at this festival. Since I am not a certified instructor of yoga yet I will give a talk and you can sign up if you are interested. I will discuss the art of balance and how to bring it into your lives. The balance of healthy mind and body. One of my health masters taught me that good health all begins with good balance because a healthy body is a well-balanced body.

Many yoga gurus will be there but don’t let that stop you. Come learn, train and play. Yoga is beautiful as beginners and advanced people can practice it together side by side. No levels needed just a clear mind and the will to learn, explore and spend a beautiful day together.

When you buy your tickets, note that you can use this discount code – JMWL20217


go on @wanderlust_italy for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

love JM

Photos by @mamafedona

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