While pregnant with Gabriel Örn,  I’d practice pregnancy yoga with an amazing woman named Audur in Iceland.  At the end of each class she’d make us lay on our mats wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by pillows to ensure we were as comfortable as possible with our big bellies. We’d breath, relax and take a tiny power nap while this wonderful woman would walk around the room with a spray bottle filled with water and 10-20 drops of lavender and lemon essential oils.

Oh boy,  was I in heaven at that moment! I loved that part so much that I decided to get one for myself .  She suggested having this at home to freshen up the air and induce positive energy. Also said that when our  moment of labor did arrive we could have our partners spray some of this magic mixture over us in between contractions and that it would help calm and relax us before the next wave of pain arrived:)  I found this to be extremely helpful and I loved the lavender / lemon rainfall over me.

Actually, I adored it so much that I now use it daily in my home.

Here is how :

If you don’t have a spray bottle handy at home  you can  head over to Tiger and buy one for cheap. I put 10-20 drops of lavender and 10-20 of lemon ( I know it’s a lot, but I just love the smell) you can put less or more , whichever suits your needs.  You could also try new mixtures, choose your favorite smell.

In the morning,  as well as in the evening I will spray the mixture around my home. In the evening I use more of the lavender oil to create a calm atmosphere. This helps my boys to fall fast and deeply asleep.  I spray a bit on their pillows and bed 30 minutes before they go to sleep ( 30 mins. before so that their pillows will be dry) 

After I hang up my laundry,  I spray my mixture over it to make it smell good . I would like to point out that I highly suggest  organic laundry soap ; you can buy this at your nearest health food store. It doesn’t contain  harmful chemicals and strong odors. It’s better for your baby, you and the whole family. I personally don’t like to wear clothes that smell too much of soap. It  gives me a headache or my skin tends to get dry and sometimes itchy. Organic laundry soap is safe for the whole family and also for theenvironment. Also another good tip concerning laundry is that from time to time our machine can have a bad odor, so In this case I will add around 5-10 drops of tea tree oil inside my  empty machine and the smell disappears 🙂

I also love a lavender/ tea tree oil combo. Tea tree oil is cleansing so I will  clean my floors with just hot water and tea tree but then add one more oil to it, depending on what I am in the mood to smell on that given day.  I especially did this when my boys were really young – laying , playing  and practicing their crawling skills on the floor all day. I hardly ever use any soap for this matter, but we never use outdoor shoes in the home so that also helps to keep our floors clean. There are many natural ways to clean our homes with out the use of intense soaps and cleaners that can be extremely harmful  to inhale. It is good to keep this in mind during your pregnancy as well because breathing in these toxic materials could prove very harmful to your growing baby, other family members and you.

There are so many lovely ways to bring essential oils into your home and they set such a lovely calm energy – more on it’s different uses later this week.

In the meantime, I hope you will  give these suggestions a try:)

Love JM

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