For three months now Mothers Spell has been online up and running. It has awoken many small  projects that I am so happy to be working on with other brilliant women and mothers. I can’t wait to share and get you all involved in them….hopefully soon 🙂

I have learned so much from these projects and this new journey Mothers Spell has taken me on. I  felt the need to write a few words and to thank all of you who have been reading the blog and sharing your stories. Many of your emails have brought me to tears – both sadness and happiness as your stories are so many and every life is so different. Many mothers and women have to fight and fight to protect themselves and their children.
I have read every single email that has arrived  and I have not been able to reply to all of them. I am also going to admit I am not really able to write from my heart in Italian just yet, but I am working on it. This has stopped me from answering the emails written in Italian and I apologize for this.

It is your emails that keep me writing and I learn so much from your happiness and your sorrows, just as I have learned from my own. This is why I really believe in sharing. Share and talk about what we go through. Once we get stuff off our chests and speak or write them away, we then can see ourselves from a different perspective and somehow it becomes much more realistic in our own eyes.

Something that would help me when I had things that I needed to deal with from my past (that I will continue to practice when I feel the need) is to write letters to noone. I will write down my thoughts and my feelings with the intention of never sending them or letting anyone read them – in this way I  feel completely free to express myself. It’s as though I am receiving free therapy and also a very sacred one.

This is a woman’s journey and now that I look back and read my past I see all these dots that at the time seemed so pointless and I did not understand why they needed to happen in my life. Gratefully now they all have such strong meaning to me. When the moment was right and I was strong enough to handle it, it all started to make complete sense!

Upon awakening  write down the first thing that comes to your mind. This all depends on the time you have or that day’s mood. Sometimes you may write a lot and other days you may want to jot down just one phrase or a few words. Later,  if you have a moment, you can fill in the meaning.

My children have been my greatest teacher, they have helped me to grow and to feel calm in my heart. To find that piece of love that was always missing, at least for me. I have learned patience on an all new level, that’s for sure. At times it’s all a blur and I can even get dizzy with the chaos, but I am learning to practice patience and let time run its course. I will learn from my mistakes, improve my quality as a mother and find a good balance between  myself and the mother in me. I also believe that when the moment is right we all find our correct answers and get to see who we truly are and what we want to be able to give to ourselves and our family.

To be able to do ALL that, think clearly and see ourselves from another perspective then taking a moment  is so necessary. Do yoga, mediate, take a silent long walk, hike, swim or write your thoughts down. It will help so much to remain stable and grow strong as mothers and women.

I am also doing my best to keep up with my writing and coordinating this new life routine. From being a stay at home mother taking care of my sons and now running a small business. Choosing between writing or staying with my sons is not always an easy decision… as you all know. I applaud all of the working mothers out there who take multitasking to a whole new level, just as the stay at home mothers do by working double. Remember to also make room for yourself at the end of the day. Create your quiet place, as it is very important for your sanity and without it we collapse.

With a calm heart we will continue to do and master all.

Love JM

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