After happy happy and merry merry….New Year and new goals: gym, yoga and Pilates studios are getting fully booked these days. People are eating way better then they did all year, and making trips to a sauna to sweat it all out if they can. Feeling clean, new and fresh, with high hopes to fit back into their skinny jeans as quickly as possible.

If this is not your case you might be thinking “Fuck it, I am fat and in bad shape anyway!” . You might be counting down the days left in January, feeling like it’s already almost the end of the month and you are behind schedule…so you’re saying “why even bother? Just because it is a new year why do I have to go crazy, changing everything in my life? It would be so much better if I could just go back to Christmas: cozy couch nights with a box of chocolate and a Netflix overdose”.

Well, goals don’t have to be so big, the problem is that often people set a goal that is too big and they quickly get crushed by it.  Setting expectations that are too high doesn’t help, as very often good things happen slowly. Don’t get me wrong, I always tend to think and dream bigger than I can ever dream of, but I feel like goals for the new year are a little different than dreams. They absolutely don’t have to be big, just big enough to fit into our days and make small, good changes, whether it be in your wellness routine and self care or for your family, children or partner. Changing small things that you know could work where you see space for improvement. Just take a little time look back into the year that has passed and think about what you would like to change or that you wish you would had done differently.

Or maybe learn a new language, like me: this year I would like to become fluent in Italian, to be able to speak Italian from the bottom of my heart. I also want to study yoga teacher training. To use my phone less. To spend my evenings reading books instead of watching TV, and so on. 

I also think it is fun to take two dull months that can feel depressing and hard, such as  February and March for many people, and make them interesting. Plan fun things to do during these two months, instead of just waiting for them to be over and for spring to come.

Learn something new. Have dinner with the girls (or boys) 🙂 Take a trip somewhere new. Light lots of candles at home to make a cozy atmosphere in this grey, cold winter. Do yoga: I suggest “Yoga with Tim” on youtube if you like to do yoga at home. Try to meditate: you can even do it just lying down with one hand on your stomach and one on your ear and just take long deep breaths with your nose. See how you feel. Just be nice to yourself and allow yourself to feel and be the way you are. Flow into the new year with self care and self love: there is nothing wrong with that. Actually, that is the key to a healthy, loving, blossoming life. It is hard to be happy when someone is mean to us all the time, and very often that mean person is ourself. 

I would like to wish all of you a very special 2018, truly and from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to exploring Mother’s Spell with all of you and grow my team, as I would love to do videos and more recipes, yoga, Pilates and street style for mothers and kids too. Full action this year on spells and magic! Spreading love and light as usual, just stronger and more than ever before. I am enjoying your emails so much ladies and gentlemen, keep them coming, they are a true inspiration. I cherish every single word that comes from you all and write down your ideas and put them to action. I love this Mother’s Spell community and I hope to keep growing and learning from you and your incredible stories. Sharing is caring and in a strong community people stand together. Back to back. Let’s all set one goal together, to bring more love into the new year!