A few days ago I was writing about the rain and how good it is, especially for our air. The quality of the air we breathe is extremely important and if you are living in Milano like me you may often feel like the only thing missing in your lovely Milano days is a good, deep, clean breath of air. So when it rains in Milano I hear so many people around saying “oh good at least now we have cleaner air for a day or two”.

Some of you must be tired to hear me speaking of Iceland but in this case it is inescapable as in Iceland you never lack a good, deep, clean breath of air! I have been spoiled by good air and water quality all my life so for me it is easy to recognize when I am in lack of one or the other.

Since I became a mother I am more curious about these kind of things: as mothers we only want the very best for our children. In my case it means not only taking good care of my own, but I also want the very best for all children in the whole world. It is my deepest wish and hope that the day will come when every single child world wide will get the care and love it deserves.

When I take my sons to Iceland I notice they sleep better and longer. They have much less runny noses and coughs even though the weather there is for sure more taught than here in Milano. I also started noticing while I am there that when I shake their covers out the window there is less dust that shakes off. I have to clean my house less often, and there seems to be much less dust on shelves and floors .I also definitely have to wash my hair less often.

I have started to wonder how to improve my sons’ life related to this in Milano as we spend most of the winter here and I just can’t bear any more guilt when I hear them cough so much each night. I would love to share with you now what I have come to notice and the good news is that coughing in my home has gone down by a lot so it must be working.

First thing I changed was cleaning the floors more often, YES that’s what I said. I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but vacuuming more often especially in the rooms where we sleep really helps to keep dust at a minimum.

Take the shoes off when you enter in the house and leave your coat by the door all in one place preferably in a closed closet, because otherwise you will be dragging dirt from the streets into your home. And if you look under your shoes you will see why this is a good idea.

Each evening I quickly shake my sons’ covers out the window before they go to sleep and every now and then in the morning too, before making their beds. I also change the sheet covers frequently.

Going as often as possible (preferably every day) to the nearest park is also a good idea. I often taken my sons to the park’s center (so we are as far from cars and traffic as possible) and we settle down in a little spot to investigate trees, sticks and stones. Look for all different kinds of birds and birds sounds and just relax in a good air quality and find something interesting to do. I try not  to be always in my sons business so I let them also lead the way and enjoy sharing silence in the park. There is a saying that you are only comfortable in silence with people who you truly love. When my sons were still taking their afternoon nap I would take a walk with them in the park and let them take their nap in the stroller or pram ( and yes, also in the rain. :))

I made my home green by buying lots of plants for my home to help cleaning the air. I googled plants that are specially known for cleaning air and went and bought lots of them. Plus, they also cheer me up ! I feel my home is also more beautiful with so many green plants around, so here is that list of top house plants to improve air quality indoors that I found –  but feel free to google more 🙂


Peace Lily
Florist’s Chrysanthemum
Devil’s Ivy
Red-Edged Dracaena
Snake Plant
Lady Palm
Flamingo Lily
English Ivy
Barberton Daisy
Weeping Fig
Boston Fern
Spider Plant
Aloe Vera
Bamboo Palm
Gerbera daisy

Then the ultimate thing I did was to buy high quality air purifier to our home. This option costs much more than the others steps for sure but I tell you my word it REALLY works. I use it to clean the air in our living room during the day and at night I leave it in our son’s room and this way they are always breathing well, at least while at home. There is no more coughing at night in my home so for me it is worth it, but I do understand it is not an option for every one unfortunately. I wish this could be in each day care school here in Milano as most schools or kindergartens are by big streets and when you ether live, work or study on or close to a big street with lots of traffic, the air quality will be very poor and most likely to be affecting your health. So I just want you to know about this wonderful option. The one I bought was recommended to me by an air pollution specialist and you may find more information here http://www.luxinternational.com/. On this website you will find also other products they have that can improve our health such as a high performance vacuum cleaner and water purifiers.

I am pretty sure you can use some of these information well. At least this has helped me and my family and we are all feeling better since we added all of this into our life’s and home. Now I just have to hope milan will get the attention it needs to become a safer place for all of us and specially our children. We all deserve a deep clean fresh breath.

Love JM

photo credit @stefanotrovati

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