The first thing I do when I land in one of my favorite cities, NYC,  is head over to Juice Press. I stock up on their amazing health juices, shots and other wonderful products to boost my health and recover quickly from airplane air, cabin pressure and little to no sleep. Their high-quality products are heavenly and they only use organic fruits and vegetables.

Some of you who have been following myInstagram account, my personal one @johannamaggy, may have seen the video from my prior trip to Nyc. In it, I was drinking something incredibly spicy and forcing all my friends to do it as well. I am crying laughing when I see their reactions. That particular shot, which is called REHAB, has pure juiced ginger, cayenne pepper, and lime. It for sure sounds a lot more innocent than it actually is. Your mouth is burning, eyes widen, and your digestive system is instantly stronger as this elixir helps reduce inflammation. I also feel my circulation go for a run and so much better within seconds of taking it. I stand a bit taller and am clearer after it. I try to start my days with that shot and follow up with my favorite green juice, SOUL GARDEN. Back home, I have my own juice maker so I make it myself but while I am in Nyc I treat myself and take advantage of all their many locations throughout the city.  Whether I am on long or short trips, I do try and keep my immune system strong and hydrated.

Just in case you are wondering, this is not an advertisement for them. Juice Press is just a place I honestly have loved since they opened their first location on 1st avenue and 1st street many years ago. Fast forward to today and they have many locations all over the city. Truly makes it simple for you to get a health boost anywhere you are. My favorite post work out drink is a super smoothie called SUPER DETOX which is tasty and served cold. It is really refreshing.

My super green favorites are SOUL GARDEN. It has simple greens and anti-aging properties. I like the ingredients and I prefer my green juice without fruit.

Every now and then, I will buy a DIRTY DETOX. I find the ingredients very interesting – filtered water, lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne powder, activated charcoal, and probiotics.

E3life is another super healthy shot I love. It contains a blue-green alga from Klamath Lake in Oregon. This is a very powerful formula and absolutely loaded with superfood. Over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino and essential fatty acids. 

One thing I know for sure is when you suffer from jet lag or travel with kids, eating well in the days before flying and then the first days after will make a huge difference. Keeping active is also good and that is another reason why I love going to Nyc. You can easily move around the city and walk a lot. At Juice Press you may also grab a super healthy lunch as they have many different meals to take home or to work with you. I often buy their soups as they are one of my favorite items.

If you like to stop for a little break and do something just for you, I would highly recommend taking a yoga class at Kula Yoga Project. I absolutely love that place and by the moment I enter the place I feel peace. It is just me and my practice for the next hour or two. In my opinion, each and every single teacher I have worked with are highly qualified. While teaching they walk around the room and correct every person in the class and with their gentle hands help to provide a deeper stretch. I leave each class feeling recharged and at ease and after just two to three classes I notice a difference in my body and feel even stronger than before. They have three different locations in the city and one in Williamsburg, Soho and Tribeca. For more information go to

A lovely little place for a super healthy lunch is a small local spot called Sauyen Micro. A Japaneserestaurant with an extensive menu. I believe anyone can find something suitable for their needs here. There is something really special about this place that keeps me coming back over and over again, plus the food is excellent; especially on windy and cold winter days, it just feels cozy to sit and look out the window.

Le Pain Quotidien is another classic option. The avocado toast is delicious here and they often offer a lunch combo – soup with half avocado toast. Or I will order their seasonal special which is usually very good and during the Fall they offer a seasonal salad with roasted pumpkin.