There is something that happens to a woman’s brain when she delivers a baby.
It is like she delivers half of her brain at the same time and it goes away for few years. At least this is what happend to me.

After I had my two beautiful baby boys,  I became a very happy mother totally and completely in love with my children and my new life as a mother:
what happend also was that I was becaming this strange human being from time to time and I seemed so lost in many ways: I am not sure if it was only because I was so far behind on good sleep, or all the space in my brain was now full of questions wonderings if my child was sleeping enough? eating enough? getting enough fresh air or if I was using the correct soap to clean them and their clothes or maybe even better no soap at all.

As soon as my younger son turned 3 years old and there for more independent and sicure, I felt  like going alone to the bathroom and eating by himself.

Speaking and acting more like a humanbeing, I started to have a little more space in my brain to ask my self some questions that where meant for me.

How are you? How do you feel? What do you want to be when you grow up? And I realized I had no idea of the answers… So I went to look for it and asking my self endless of exhausting questions.
Only few months later,  I found my self in a very sacred space.

Receving knowledge, wisdom and love through music, stories and prayers throughout from different tribes from all over the world. I was so welcomed to this beautiful family and made friends for life in this magicl space with my new tribe Aniwa.My life transformed, again. As a woman, as a mother, as a sister and as a daughter, I felt reborn.
I saw my life more clear and I saw where is my talent had been hiding or resting to be awaken in this very moment and what I must do to listen to my desteny and awake in me all my spirits and energie so I can do and be at my very best.

I connected to pure magic, places and spaces where true magic happens when you only connect, meditate and just be there for others and yourself. When you are thankful, greatful and playful,  love blossoms and becomes so contagious
My life restarted on a new speed, so many ideas and so much has been done and made since.

I am forever greatful to my beautiful Aniwa family for welcoming me so beautifully into the tribe.

For all this, how beautifully it transformed my life, it makes me so happy and exited to tell you about Aniwa gathering because now it is your turn to recive this life changing expiriance with us.
We will all be there!the whole family welcoming you into the tribe.
Listening to 40  elders indigenous who are travelling and gathering up state New York and sharing sacred knowlidge and healing.
So much beautiful magical music will be played.

A real true celibration of life while you step into a new you, the real you and receive all this in just five days.

The dates are June 5-9 click here and go to to see how to sign up and see all the different price packages so everyone can find what suits the best.
I am counting the days to arrive and truly hope to see YOU there.

Love, JM

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