There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to our health, body and mind. These are lifestyle choices that need to come from ourselves and no one else. These are every day decisions, big and small. It is a way of living every day from morning to evening, making decisions for ourselves about health and wellness. About who we want to be and what we wish for our children. We all have a choice. I often think about it and wish more people were aware of their possibilities. I am not by far saying I am perfect or an expert, I am still learning and finding my balance: I am a wild woman at heart, so often it can be challenging to follow rules …this is why I call it a balance. Find yours and know how and when to listen to your body when it is out of tune.

Taking care of what we put in our body, how we eat, when and what, is a top priority.  The ingredients are so much more important than people often like to think or admit. I wish this was more taught in schools, even in kindergartens. Sadly, food in our children’s daycare or school systems is rarely of the best kind and most of the time it is more in the junk food family than the nutritious healthy family. Why it has come to be this way makes no sense to me whatsoever, and I don’t understand why school food is not more healthy and nutritious. Why are our children being fed so much pasta, pizza, cookies, processed foods, meat, dairy and chocolate puddings? 

I want the best for my kids and I want to teach them how to make good choices for themselves, and why. Children are so smart and they are so excited to learn, we just don’t have to give up. They can, and should, learn this just like they learn everything else. 

I would love to talk a bit about juicing and why we should do that. I recently posted on my Instagram how I make my green juice and why, and I was so happy to see so many reactions from you!  So many people were interested in knowing more, so I am happy to share it with you 🙂

Some people ask  “why juicing? Why not just eat the raw vegetables?”

The answer is simple: you will never be able to eat as many raw vegetables in one day as you get in one or two glasses of its juice. The benefits of just one glass of green juice are endless, as juicing helps you to absorb all the vegetables’ vitamin, minerals and goodness, quickly and sufficiently. You will  start to see your skin glow and your stomach less bloated in just couple of days. Energy levels rising, and better food cravings. Last but not least, you will naturally loose any extra weight.

I am always careful when juicing fruit and sugary vegetables like carrots, beets, apple, pear and pineapple. I know it may be more tasty to many, but it will make your blood sugar levels rise and fall quickly, and you may feel your energy crash after 40 minutes or so. This is why when juicing sugary vegetables and fruit it is good to juice it with something wonderfully green to slow and ease down the sugar in your blood . Having something like 10% of your juice being sugary and 90% green could be a good balance. In case you are dealing with candida overgrowth in your gut, drinking green juice is super powerful to help you heal it and clean it out.

Green juice is just my favorite because of its benefits. I gave it to my sons from the very beginning: at 8 months they would have some juiced organic fennel, just a little bit almost every day, then I slowly put more vegetables as they grew and got used to it, such as celery, cucumber, spinach and kale. That way they adjusted to the taste from early on and it will be easier to make them eat vegetables later on in their childhood. And hopefully, as they grow, their food cravings will most likely be on the healthy side. 

Since I started juicing and drinking green juice on a regular basis I can feel the change in my body so much. I feel more flexible and open. I have more energy in my days and my workouts are more powerful. I feel I breathe deeper and better, and my digestion and stomach feel healthier. I feel like I also see and hear better, seriously! My body returned into a healthy Alkaline state, as having a very acidic body can have very harmful effects. So drinking GREEN juices can only be a positive thing, and I highly recommend you to start NOW. I know you might say “oh but it is so boring to clean up after it!”. Well, that is only a state of mind. If you are well aware of the benefits, believe me: it will be very much worth your time 🙂 

green love JM

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