I have been taking some time now to think and see in which direction I would like to take Mothers Spell as well as my personal life as a woman, mother, partner, sister, daughter and friend. What is really important? What messages do I really want to share? the first thing that came to my mind is reality: real life with its ups and downs.

 The trip we did last summer in America really inspired me and took me back to my personal reality. I got reconnected to my roots somehow even if I was far away from my homeland which showed me also that we are all brothers, sisters and children of this planet. We all have the same mother at the end, Mother Nature, and if we are not connected to her we are not connected with ourselves, nor with our siblings around the world.

 I think it is harder and harder to find true reality these days, and I have felt that each time I go out of town (that I have honestly and luckily done a lot of lately) and stayed in a place close to nature it has connected me to something higher and more powerful than wifi . I have been increasingly feeling that we are really lacking reality in our social media world. 

This race to beauty and collecting stuff into our homes and closets is getting quite ridiculous. I am working on something that has been pushing me into this search and I that I will share soon, but for now I would like to talk about this and ask you to join forces with me and try out something new to make us aware of how much this situation is getting out of control.

 It is so easy to get influenced and lose a clear vision of what is real. Make up, photo shop, fake lips, fake breasts and even fake asses are the norm and motherhood seems to be moving away from its original values and traditions. Getting back into shape after giving birth has become more important than staying home, resting and bonding with your own child. This insane pressure of looking good all the time is becoming a sad standard, and I see women criticize each other instead of holding hands. I am missing the connection and the true feeling of #sisterhood.

I see  women of any age posting photos of themselves on social media that look so far from their reality and the face they have when they wake up in the morning. Of course we all prefer to post a photo of the better version of ourselves, but changing it into another person is just not ok. We are totally destroying our own self-esteem when we try to collect likes with something that is not even real. 

I am in many ways relieved that I am not raising a girl in times like these, but it is my dream to become a mother of a girl one day, and this is why I would like to be a part of saying NO to this bullshit. We don’t need all these revealing, sexed up clothes to get attention. We need a good functioning healthy brain and a true heart to make sense out of life. Because if we don’t take more care of this we will all end up extremely lonely and unbalances, with an insane obsession with things that don’t even matter at all. I know this is a theme that many other people around the world have been speaking out about and that makes me happy because I know I am not alone in hoping to make things better. I am just becoming a bit afraid and sad to see where humanity seems to be going as I am not seeing the change, so I have decided to do something about it in myself, and hope to create a ripple effect, as I am sure this is haunting many of us somehow and sometimes without even realizing it.  It’s easy to fall victim of this constant social media sharing! I sometimes realize that I am taking a photo of a sunset instead of enjoying it with myself and connecting to how I feel watching it, or enjoying it with my family. 

Lately I have therefore given quitting social media a good thought  I can feel this is making me in so many ways frustrated, sad and in some weird way not satisfied with what I have. I also find myself often with my phone in my hand while my sons are trying to get my attention and that is NOT OK. I don’t want to be hypnotized on my phone while my son is asking me for attention and love.

I grew up watching women in Iceland dressed so differently on television than in many other parts of the world. They where for sure all very beautiful but never half naked. They just simply said no. What I wish to see is strong, powerful, clever women speaking out loud and being a good example to our young girls. But what I am sadly seeing all over the world including Iceland is young girls posting photos of themselves with tiny tiny waist lines, unreal eyebrows, unreal hair color and unreal breasts, all posing in the same way and it has gotten so far out of control that yoga influencers who are supposed to be using their accounts to get people to do their yoga, care for their wellbeing and meditate have now stared doing their yoga routines on their underwear just to catch people’s attention!  You know what, I am tired of this! I am tired of people trying to be perfect and sharing only perfect things… and that includes myself.

We don’t all have to look the same to be perfect. What IS perfection anyway?!?! We should embrace the skin we were given. Give ourselves the respect we deserve instead of covering ourselves up with too much stuff. We should take care of our body so we can blossom in the unique version of us. Find our balance and live our life in a healthy, strong way. We are allowed to make mistakes, we are allowed to wake up with a puffy face. That is all normal.

It is time for people once and for all to stand together and make a revolution against this, to embrace who we are, faults and all. I would like to encourage all the women, girls, men and boys to post photos or video of themselves just the way they are, without make up and with messy hair or in real life situations, our everyday struggles, with the hashtag #ThisIsMe.  I would love to get to know the REAL, UNIQUE YOU, so feel free to tag me @johannamaggy or @mothersspell. Lets make social media real. If you would like to be featured with us, we are creating videos to share on Mothers Spell to show how #thisisME is about all of us. Your #thisisME moment can be in various situations: motherhood, no makeup, clumsy and funny mistakes that could only happen to YOU , just something real. If you feel like opening your heart, we would love to hear it!  send photos or videos  to me@mothersspell.com . I can’t wait to see you as YOU. And of course you will see much more of ME as ME.

love JM

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