I found The Beddha through an Instagram story of a friend of mine a while ago and I fell totally in LOVE with their page. 
All the products I saw on the account are essential to every woman’s home if you are like me. 
There is nothing like a good rose bath or massasing the face with these magical rolls : I am very familiar with these kind of beauty products as I used to travel a lot and stocked up on some products like these when I lived in NYC, and I have even made my own at home. I was emotionally so happy to see this kind of brand building up here for the first time in Italy: so  I started following them, and always wanted to reach out to them and see who was behind such a  beautiful brand to make an interview for the blog and do some shopping for myself.
She beat me to it….  a few days later Stefania wrote me. She sent such a beautiful letter about her visions of life and her company that we started chatting and now we have many exciting things rolled up in our sleeves. First of all I want to congratulate her for creating this beautiful brand and her passion for every woman’s  wellbeing.
Here is what she had to say.
Love JM

How would you describe The Beddha as a brand?

The Beddha means “the beautiful” in the south of Italy, Salento, my birthplace.
It represents the beauty which comes out from our inner divinity and makes us so beautiful and peaceful; is a label built around a holistic and beauty lifestyle for modern goddesses.
I wanted to create a meditative beauty and wellbeing brand that women can use as a tool to tap into their inner divine nature, which is essentially their feminine energy source.
Using ancient knowledge and modern philosophy to enhance the sacred feminine through innate healing, I designed a collection of meditative tools that reflect and supports principles of self-love, self-awareness, women empowerment, sisterhood, modern femininity.
Women are reclaiming their spaces after years of neglect and devotion to somebody else. They are willing to practice daily routines to reaffirm their personal connection with own intentions and self-love moments. This is the style of life all we want since necessary.

What was your defining moment to wanting to create a brand that married spirituality and beauty?

It was a natural progression born from my personal need, interest and passion that I had at some point of my career, from my last years in Miami and through my travels and my experience at women’s spiritual gatherings. I discovered something was happening in the female community. Women were starting to explore new ways to reconnect with their soul, divine femininity and their body as a temple. I was able to discover ancient techniques from various remote cultures for self-care and meditation. Spending
time in different cultures, that were worlds away from what I was used to, exposed me to a sophisticated new way to use all the senses to rejuvenate static energies that may be the underlining causes of premature ageing and skin conditions. I realized, also studying marketing research, that my generation of women was yearning for a new gateway to mindful beauty that is more personcentered as opposed to seeking quick fixes which generally are short lived.
At that point, I decided to relocated back to Italy to establish my brand, with the purpose to merge Italian culture and skills with this new view keeping the flow of the melting pot lived in Miami.

How do you pick products to develop the brand?

For me, it all started with the concept that all we need is a single ingredient to manifest the most powerful transformations. I wanted to create a collection of products that were simple, easy to use and used one ingredient/component.
Herbs and flowers are powerful healing ingredients and I wanted to encapsulate this so created facial steam packs using botanical blends, rose petals for a meditative bath experience, facial rollers, and gua shas using crystals and facial grids using the vibrational powers of gems. All the collection is handmade and produced only in small batches, with ingredients carefully sourced to deliver luxurious products in accordance with principles of mindfulness and ethical production to heal and align mind, body, and spirit.

What’s your beauty ritual?

I carefully test in person for many months any tool, technique or fragrance I decide to produce.
This makes my days very busy!
For more than 2 years I have slept on my Silklandia silk pillowcase with my patented aromatherapy pendant, and I can say my skincare routine starts with it during my sleep, I cannot live without it.
When I wake up I wear my Bambooshell bamboo kimono, and I do 10/15 mins of breath meditation to oxygenate my cells, then I start to massage my face. I do it any day in the morning and in the night with my tools The Tribe.
I super love my botanical steam blends that I use 2 times a week and my rose bath which makes me peaceful any evening I want to be in love with myself. I really love all my kids (in this way I love named my products) and I believe in them and their benefits.

The wellness industry is booming around the globe, especially in places such as LA, London and Australia. Is the trend kicking off here in Italy? How can Italians have a more mindful beauty regime?

Italy has long been the destination in Europe for fine wine, food, culture and fashion as well. Indulging one’s pleasures. “Life is too brief to eat and drink poorly” is one of our famous proverbs hence why it took Italy a little longer to embrace the wellness trend.
Now, however, with yoga centers, gyms, juice bars and health retreats cropping over Italy, it means although slow to embrace the mindful approach to life, Italians are certainly now warming up to this new, slower paced approach to clean, mindful living. A slow and intentional approach to beauty can give us the space we need to reconnect with ourselves.
Here are some tips on how busy Italian women can be more mindful during their beauty rituals:
– Kick start your day with a positive mantra about yourself.
Instead of looking for flaws, say “I love my unruly eyebrows” or “I think my fine lines show depth and character”. Keep it up and you’ll see how pretty quickly the power of positive language can change the way we look at ourselves.
– Create and prioritise integrated beauty rituals that best serve you.
Include rituals like indulgent baths, facial masks, aromatherapy, massages, as well as a good nights sleep! Make time for your whole self every day.
– When you do follow through with your rituals, try to bring awareness to each moment. If it’s a relaxing bath, check in with yourself. Notice the sounds of the water, how the water feels on your skin etc.

You describe your beauty tools as meditative. Can you explain what that means and its impact?

My products cannot be used in just 2 minutes! They are designed with a ritual in mind. The prepping stages of getting the products ready to use is just as important as the moment they touch your skin because that’s when you set your intention. The preparing and the application forces the busy mind to slow down to steady pace so mind and body are aligned to channel the inner healing to clear stagnant energy.