I have to remember, is a fraise I find my self saying day in and day out. But what is it that I am really remembering? Am I using my memory cards well? Are they in right order?

Most days I am not. The fact is in my daily rush that I often forget to make the most of the time I spend with my sons. It unfortunately often seems I forget the most important moments of the day. I simply forget to see and catch many special moments, moments that mothers of up grown children have said to me enjoy this moment, time goes by so fast and I wish I had been more cuddling and patient with my children when they where young.

Take in their youth days, you are planting magical seeds for their future and your future relationship with them. ( NO PRESSURE) J

Because when my sons act out and are not listening or are trying to get to much attention witch often becomes negative attention in certein situations I thought where more important in that particular moment that they get kind of pissed off and start to use their behavior in a negative way like not listening and saying simply no to everything I may ask for.

I noticed this because I was in talking and wondering with a friend the other day that peace and silence is the power to so many beautiful tools, with peace comes stillness. With peace comes love. With peace comes creativity. With peace comes comfort. When we feel deeply inside in peace we have a smile on our faces witch give our children, friends and family a very loving comfort and our children are so sensitive to this, they feel everything that we feel. It brings out the very most beautiful element in us witch lets our inner children feel free enough to run wild and actually free.

Later that day I was thinking as I went to get my sons at school everything was hecktick children running around, screaming, laughing and talking celibrateing that school was finished for the day. Me trying to keep my sons from running away in two different directions and be in control. We where also in a rush or I was in a rush to have their photo taken for new passports and I was asking them to hurry to catch the tram as in the same moment I saw it appear in the distance so I wanted to run to catch it but they refused following my lead and the sounds and words coming from my mouth seemed like I was invisible! They seemed busy with their things and their own toughts and wanted to go nice and slow their way.

The bottom line is it takes practice to find the smoothest ways to approach each family member, each mother has one million things on her mind and gigantic mountain of love in her heart. We cant be perfect but we can try our best to be peaceful and speak with love as a guide. We can at least try our best. I struggle much with that even if I have a feeling many of you think I am so calm all the time but I swear I am not. I have 4 brothers all younger then me so I might have a high tolerance but I am also from the north where every mother says disapline is love as most of the time it is more hard to go trough the problem take a moment to really see it and work thrugh it plus saying no is more hard then saying yes.

Love JM

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