What an extremely exciting time when a couple in-love makes the decision to create a life together.  For some it comes easily and for many others it proves difficult or even impossible. The reasons for this can be many. As always it depends on the individual and if there are any issues with her ovaries or his semen. Remember that lifestyle plays a huge part in this equation and is a very important factor. You should think about the answer to the following questions: Are you sleeping well? Is there stress that you are currently dealing with? Do you make poor choices when it comes to food? Also, last but definitely not least , do you smoke or consume too much alcohol?

When trying to conceive it feels like the pressure is mostly on the woman to take good care of herself due to the fact that the baby will be growing inside of her. This is true and she should take extra steps to ensure good health for herself and that of her unborn child. Women must eat good, fresh and clean foods. When I say clean, I mean homemade or at least not processed factory made junk. This is because you would not believe how many companies out there put so much extra CRAP (excuse my language) in their  products, even ones who claim to be “Organic”. Organic does not equal healthy anymore due to the fact that many brands use the word as a marketing ploy; it works and we are suffering because of it.

Along with eating well, a good night’s sleep is also extremely necessary. Our bodies must rest to restore our system for the next day and prepare  for what’s to come. A restful, deep sleep also reduces stress levels in our body and boosts our mood and sense of calm.

Exercise is also very important as it helps your body self-regulate by increasing circulation throughout it which helps a great deal. By exercising you reduce stress levels which help you to sleep better.Exercise also causes cravings for healthier more nutritious food. In the end all these factors help you to  reach new and better life choices.

It is super important to give your body the tools it needs to function at it’s best.  

The above doesn’t apply only to women. Men that are trying to impregnate their partners need to provide healthy and strong sperm. Many men think that they don’t have to quit smoking, eat well or that they can sit at a desk all day without moving their bodies. This could not be further from the truth. Once a couple has made the decision to conceive together they then both have to take a closer look at their lifestyles. I mean we should all give ourselves the gift of a healthy life even if we are not trying to have a baby. Maybe the baby thing is a good excuse and will give you motivation to make a change to better your health and life.

In doing all the above, might I add that your goal should not be to become skinny. You should not be on a low-fat or fat free food diet. Your body needs fat to survive, this applies especially to women. Our hormonal system requires fat so it can function strong and well. Regular menstruation without too much pain is what we want. If this is out of balance we experience painful cramps, too heavy of a flow and irregularity. Our brains and babies need fat to grow and develop.

Breast milk is very fattening and those of you who’ve breastfed might have noticed extra fat around  the circle on your upper back. Don’t worry once you stop feeding thatdisappears on it’s own, so do your best to embrace and be proud of it because you are doing an amazing job 🙂

Fat is not the enemy but make sure to eat only good fats such as:

– Nuts and seeds : almonds, macadamia, walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp-seeds and sesame seeds.

– Avocado

– Coconut ( if you have it fresh that is always best). * I add 100% Organic coconut milk to many foods I prepare such as soup.

– Fish * Make sure you are buying wild, fresh fish and of high quality. Stay away from shell fish and bottom feeders. From time to time I do love a good, tasty Salmon. As a person that comes from Iceland, I truly do know a thing or two about good fish 🙂

Well take this all in and think about if any of my advice could be of use to you; I truly do hope so. I know it can be hard and frustrating when you are waiting for something to happen and every month you are disappointed. Don’t give up. Protect your love and the passion that you have towards each other – it is important. Be kind to yourself and your body, you deserve it.

love, JM

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