View More: there is a time to be as healthy as you can and to take steps towards good care of yourself it is when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. We are talking about food, stress, emotions, love and exercise.

  I am sorry to break the news but you are not eating for two. You will slowly need to add  more calories into your diet of course, but good calories that provide you with energy and nutrition to build a healthy pregnancy and strong baby. The ideal foods are vegetables, fruit, nuts,seeds and lean protein.  You might experience some cravings , although not all women do,  but they might misguide you towards thinking all you need to eat is sugar and bad carbs but it’s just your body’s way of  telling you that it is starved of proper nutrients and you will need to eat a more balanced diet that will keep your blood sugar steady. This will ensure that you are getting all you need to be ready to go through the most healthy pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding possible. This will include clean eating, buying fresh ingredients from your local health food store (when possible organic is always preferable). Prepare your own food on most days, you can always make plenty and freeze it for a later date if you are short on timetapeto. My favorite go to meal is soup! Super easy and you can just load up on all the healthy things you need , make sure they are all seasonal though. Follow your instinct, eat sensibly and take good care of your body, mind and soul. You are creating a baby. You are a Goddess. If there is ever a moment to treat yourself well and feel the best way possible it is NOW. 

Practice yoga, pilates, swim and walk. Keep moving and glowing. I understand it can be overwhelming and exhausting at times but you deserve only the very best. If you are expecting your first child please enjoy every single moment and take it as it is. You will never be pregnant with your first child again, this is truly a new experience. Relax and explore your feminine powers they are incredible

love, JM



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