“Mother” is a word with so much meaning if you give it some thought. Mother is our Earth, our nature and our true Mother. A Mother has the ability to take care of all the people of its world. Mother nature grows food for us, gives us water and tries her best to make us breathe good, clean air. It has 4 wonderful seasons with endless different kinds of blossoms. Animals that sleep through winter and are very alive during summer. So many different colors in our landscapes that change each season and which we have endless photographers trying to capture, although the best picture is the one we see with our eyes, giving us great feelings.

There is a special feeling when the first leaves start to fall to the ground in Autumn. We start to wear layers of cozy clothing and we breathe fresh crisp air each morning. It gets darker and we light candles or make fires.

When the first snow falls in Winter, children and adults go out to play in the cold, fresh, sparkly snow. The sky becomes silent when the big snow flakes fall, changing the color and atmosphere of our surroundings so magically.

In Spring, leaves start to grow again, while flowers fill our minds and senses with magical smells. The grass becomes green and cherry blossom makes us feel like we are stuck in a romantic movie. 

Endless Summer nights come with heat waves, sunshine and new and old love stories. Children play with sand and water and we get a tan, our hair goes blond. We all smile more than usual and people travel around new places to enjoy nature or the beach.

How incredibly beautiful all of this is, if you think about it! Have you ever really given all this a good thought? I can’t help but wonder: why are we ruining so much of this? How could anyone possibly ever want to do that? It seems like we forgot to think clearly, reasonably and responsibly. Like we forgot all the good things we were taught in school as kids, to be kind and treat our nature well. To not throw trash on the street and so on. Be kind to our Mother Earth, because we really really need it in order to survive.