Hello! My name is Nadar Alizadeh, and I’m a 29 year old mother living in The United States. I am so honored to start writing to you all through Johanna and Mother’s Spell! I met Johanna at an amazing gathering called Aniwa, where indigenous elders from all over the world came together to share their wisdom and messages for healing ourselves and ultimately Mother Earth. It was truly magical to connect with so many conscious people with some of the same missions as myself! It is a blessing to have linked with a platform where I can share my truths and journey of motherhood with so many other beautiful mamas.

Entering motherhood eight years ago was the best thing that could happen to me. Mothering four children; ages 7,6,3 and 6 months, means I’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding for over eight years straight! By the time I finish nursing my son (I shoot to get them as close to 3 as I can) it will be one decade of breastfeeding. To say it’s been quite the roller coaster of an experience is an understatement.

Motherhood is like an incredible tribe that no outsiders can possibly understand. We have such an honorable job raising children! Each day they are retaining so much knowledge and growth, and so are we as mamas. It’s such a special gift that comes with immense responsibility, devotion and even pain! Being a mother is one of the most undervalued jobs there is and that is such a shame as we are truly shaping the future! As mothers I encourage us all to do better in supporting, encouraging, and lifting each other up. I am committed to spending the rest of my life serving mothers and families in any and all ways I can.

I am a birth and postpartum doula, as well as a vegan personal chef. Doula service is so crucial because too many women are not being honored, or even heard, during their childbearing years. Not enough support is given to most women during one of the most important and altering times of their lives! It’s so important to me that mothers are starting motherhood off feeling empowered, loved, supported and respected. Their purpose in the community is so powerful yet highly overlooked and disrespected, and I want to be part of changing that! I also love my role as a vegan chef because I see immediate results of how what we put into our bodies directly effects how we feel, look, and live! It’s so magical to help people nourish themselves and feel good about their results. Food is a staple to living and to be able to connect with people over their meals, while also helping our environment is so special! I enjoy writing on a broad variety of topics such as; natural and holistic self care, natural pregnancies and births, doula services, vegan lifestyles and homeschooling with a large family!

I am looking forward to connecting and sharing more of this journey through motherhood with you all. It is so special to be able to create a village of people to raise your children, and in today’s virtual world we can do so much through these screens. I am excited to be part of this community and hope you all find comfort through my posts. Please feel free to comment below on some topics you would like to hear me cover! Stay tuned, as coming up I will give you an introduction to doula work, as well as tips on how to more efficiently spend time preparing nourishing meals for, and with, your family.

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