Valentine’s day has become a day that people all over the world seem to be celebrating. Couples go out on a special date and exchange gifts which include chocolate, jewelry, love letters, champagne or sexy underwear.  🙂  
A romantic dinner with candles, holding hands and looking deep into each other’s eyes.
Personally I am not really sure what to do on this day to be honest… somehow I would feel uncomfortable holding a man’s hand in a romantic restaurant just because it is an expected thing and I am surrounded by couples doing just that. I don’t want to criticize people who do that, I am all for expressing love and I LOVE the idea of a couple in love 🙂 But the idea to me sounds quite uncomfortable. I would prefer a home made romantic dinner. My lovely boyfriend has coincidentally always been away for work on this particular day for all the 7 years we’ve been together. Lucky him, he has a wonderful excuse to be far away from the pressure. And lucky me,  I get to spend the night with my friends or by myself in a bubble bath! We like to be different and celebrate our love on the day before or the day after, just to be on our own.
It could be just me, but I prefer a night out with my girlfriends on a day like Valentines day ahahaha.. 
 Maybe I just got used to it in New York, where me and my friends would always do something super fun for Valentine’s Day: the single- New York-gang watching Sex and the City, drinking champagne in pajamas, eating ice cream and laughing until our stomach hurts. Or go dancing and just celebrate friendship. Love is something that should always live in us anyway.
I feel that it is important to just enjoy love in general, every day, by loving others and being loved by the ones I love. Valentine’s day  is a beautiful celebration, but commercials are brilliant in making it become one of the tackiest of the year. 
Love comes from your own heart. I learned that the hard way. It is not something you can only receive, you have to keep it burning in your own heart ALWAYS. 
You don’t need love from someone else to feel special. Just care and love yourself and BE love in the deepest part of your soul: that is what you will spread and you will receive. Who cares if it from a handsome man or a beautiful woman? Love is just love, it just needs to be pure. Find true value in the love that surrounds you and that is the moment of your real celebration on a day like Valentine’s day.
If you are reading this and you are in love with someone special, I hope you will have a wonderful day enjoying holding hands and opening your heart, sharing something beautiful and meaningful with your partner. Make a home made gift, a gift with a meaning.
If you are reading this and you are not in love with someone special, I hope you take this day to spoil and pamper yourself doing something that you love to do. Then spread the love with the people you really care about.
Honest love that comes straight from the heart can only do good. Take a bubble bath and light candles. Eat chocolate and watch a romantic move. 
After reading all of the above, I challenge you to bring a little bit of Valentine’s day into every day of the rest of the year.
love always JM
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