Here in Italy women are always looking so lovely even without apparently trying or making any effort. It seems to me that it is in the Italian DNA to look well put together and everything seems to match, whether it is a tired mother look, business woman, dress up date night or girls night out!

Almost every woman likes from time to time to do some shopping and mixing up the old with a few new things in the closet. I have always kept my favorite pieces in my wardrobe since my New York days and I like to mix with some new items. I do my best to keep up with what is going on when it comes to clothes just because I have always liked it and in Iceland and New York people often dress so freely and I have always loved that: I admire people with strong personal style. Dress like no one is looking or like every one is looking! Who cares!
When I became a mother I felt like I needed to dress more like a woman as I was being mistaken for a babysitter or an au-pair too often at my neighborhood playground 🙂

Live, learn and grow is mostly in our minds and shines through our eyes but if I am not mistaken we all like to look good too. I will now start to activate mothers style a bit more as this is the only link I feel I have not been taking care of enough here on my blog 🙂 I love browsing through blogs or my favorite Instagram for new looks and get some  inspiration.

I will always have a wild hippie heart, flower power ! I love colorful long dresses even in the winter. I wear them with warm stockings under the dress and a heavy winter coat. It cheers up cold days and long winters. Plus, all the beautiful colors of the fall are too pretty to be dressed in dull colors 🙂

Warm dresses are also ideal on cold days and you can dress them up or down with shoes, flat boots or sneakers for easy day time look or wear them with nicer boots even with heels in the evening.