Every woman has a beautiful unique style and I truly belief you are the best dressed with an honest smile, but as busy mothers or just busy women, we might not always have time to spend in front of our closets to mix and match what we have hanging in there, let alone go shopping, so it would be nice to have carefully picked pieces in the closet to make it easier and faster for us to get ready for the day.

I choose to go and visit some great designers or shops to get ideas of things to wear that look good and are comfortable.

I started with RitaRita. I went to see Silvia one of the two owners to get ideas and inspiration of what looks good to wear. O boy was she able to help me out. I honestly loved everything she had me try on. I specially loved the jumpsuits since i have been a jumpsuit lover for the past 10 years; i find them so comfortable and just so cool. I also love how comfortable i was in their clothes. I can totally see myself running after my boys and going to the playground wearing their clothes. And if you are breasfeeding that can absolutely work in their shirts and jumpsuits.      


RitaRita has beautiful prints and colors and just wonderful italian fabrics. Their style definitely suits moms who are busy and on the run, whether you are a stay at home or working mom.

I loved their concept and idea of making high quality and fashionable, yet affordable clothes. She told me since they are still building up the brand and are still small and new, their prices are higher than they would like so their goal is to lower prices as they grow to make their brand available to as many women as possible. 

Here you will find some photos of our afternoon together. Then you can go  on the web site for more information.



love, JM