A Doulas Care
Often times when it comes to preparing for a baby you have a long list of the material items you could buy for your baby’s arrival. From cute little hand covers to expensive seats and strollers, the list goes on and on. Of course some of these items are necessary but a lot are just extra things your baby will quickly outgrow. However far too often one very important purchase is overlooked; doula support for the mother! A doula can provide necessary birth and postpartum support for any mother’s wishes, and her family. This support is so important as pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester are the foundation of the baby’s entire life, as well as the family unit as a whole. Unfortunately too many women are not being respected and honored during their childbearing years and it is time to change that. A doula can be a first step to make sure someone is on your side aiding and nourishing your transition into mothering your new baby.

While family and friend support is crucial for a mother, a doula has been specifically trained to serve a mother. A doula will give you different birth management techniques and resources, while teaching breathing and birthing positions and exploring your feelings of birth. Postpartum support can include a variety of services such as holding space for a birth sealing ceremony, belly binding , or preparing healing foods and placenta encapsulation. The doula support is so versatile and helps make sure the whole family is taken care of during this special time of welcoming a new baby!

A birth doula can help you dig deep into, and address, your own expectations, fears, and conceptions of birth. She will direct you to educational resources and help design a birth plan you will work towards achieving, while also helping to surrender to the power of birth! These preparations may utilize birth meditations, visualizations, affirmations, art therapy, journaling and much more. During the birth she will serve by your side the entire time. From offering massage, aromatherapy, even cleaning and helping direct family to serve the mother. She may also offer immediate basic breastfeeding support. A birth doula can make the birthing environment much easier to push through for everyone, including fathers, as the mother has someone directly attending her and her needs at all times. This has proven to reduce the length of childbirth and the likelihood of interventions.

A postpartum doula helps navigate the transition into motherhood, regardless of if it’s your first or sixth child. From serving as a listening ear, preparing nourishing meals, holding the baby during mom’s showers or sitz baths, the help is endless. Many doulas can also encapsulate and prepare placenta medicines that help you replenish after giving birth! She can offer you herbal teas, use crystals and belly binding, or do vaginal steams. There are plenty of healing and nourishing support offerings for mothers. Far too much women are not resting and healing enough after creating, growing, and pushing a baby out! A postpartum doula is an extra pair of hands, ears, heart, and mind full of extra tools to help a mother heal, replenish, and feel supported during her fourth trimester.

Receiving the service of a doula helps a mother to feel empowered, prepared, and honored. Most women who hire a doula have shorter and more manageable births and smoother postpartum periods. Her needs are heard and directly supported emotionally, physically, and mentally. A more rested, nourished, and supported mother can ultimately serve and help herself, the baby and whole family more! There are many ways to find a doula that can best serve your family’s needs and birth plan, so search for the support that you need! A doula is a fundamental part of your birthing and postpartum journey as she is specifically customized to your exact needs during this special rite of passage.

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