There are stories that are worth telling.
Especially if they talk about love, creativity, passion: this is a story about a  mother that,  with courage and a little healthy dose of unconsciousness decides to follow his intuition and her dream in an age when women entrepreneurs were very few.
A dear friend of mine gifted these toys to my kids and I really liked the story behind so i decide to share it with you:
This story begins in Paris in 1954 when Véronique Michel-Dalès decides to found her own brand of toys, calling him Djeco, in honor of the lucky lizard. A good name, since the Djeco games quickly get a big success, receiving numerous prizes and awards.
Since then, the company has grown, but the goal has always remained the same: inventing games that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity but also the logic and the ability to concentrate, giving a valid alternative to those who do not want to give up hegemony of the Ipad. They are intelligent and innovative games, which are pleasing to the little ones but also to the adults because they are beautiful to look at.
I like them because they have a nice design, a little vintage, which also boasts special collaborations with famous illustrators such as the Japanese Junzo Terada and the Argentinian Cristian Montenegro.
There are wooden and cardboard puzzles, crafting kits that transform figures like robots, and cars into moving objects, card games and society. My favorites are the Petit Home, a modern version of the classic dollhouse with attention to detail, the Indian Play Hut tent that welcomes and creates a new space to play, and even if parents want to actively participate in the fun there are the Face Paint kits , easy and fun make-up that turn kids into princesses, pirates, or their favorite super heroes.

If you travel you will find this story  in Paris at the Louvre museum, in New York at the Moma and in London at the Tate Gallery-In Italy you can find its at Salina and La città del sole

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