I often wonder if passion and creativity can merge with planning and seriality in the artisan field and I found the answer in Valeria and Davide.
Maintaining a strong artisan identity, lent to the enterprise and with the addition of so much fun , they gave life to Kiddin.
Thanks to the time spent with Valeria, I managed to get into a project that goes beyond the object designed and created for children, goes beyond the highly qualitative and aesthetic side and reaches the child’s education, becoming the real protagonist of the furnishing, thanks to the active use that can be made of it, coming to become a Courageous Captain or an Untamed Aviator.

Hi Valeria, who are the founders of this project and how was Kiddin born?

Hello! Davide and i have been two great friends for many years, since University. I studied Architecture and Davide Industrial Design , both at the Milan Polytechnic.
We have also worked together for 15 years in a company of which we have been co-founders, working in the design and construction of furniture with recycled materials.
From all this , you can understand how Kiddin is quietly the son of our friendship and our experiences. We wanted to confront ourselves with themes linked to the innovation of the project, moving from the purely artisanal side of the “unique piece” to serial production by making beautiful design products at low costs.
The birth of Kiddin takes place in a delicate phase of our lives, driven by the idea of ​​putting ourselves to the test from a design point of view as well as a realization, making a child project of these times.
However, there is also a romantic side, “a first time” … in fact Davide’s first child, who has two children, asked for a plane-shaped bed and from there he tried his hand at two prototypes for Kiddin and then …

Where does the name come from?
For us, designing and creating is above all a game. We want our products to become a source of play for the whole family, for those who build it and for those who live it. The name “kiddin” in English expresses precisely the desire to “tease”, give me the term, to “baby”.
Furthermore, I am very keen on the fact that Kiddin is born of a great friendship and professional experiences that have prepared us for this step, a bit like our son.

You live between Puglia and Milan and Davide in Milan. How are your “production processes”?
This has been our great challenge. As for me, I immediately wanted to move from Puglia while Davide lives in Milan. At the age of 40 and after 15 years of craft production experiences, the possibility of remotely managing the projects remotely stimulated us. It was very interesting to deal with the serial and industrial product dimensions, which we believe we can manage and develop better. We are very interested in this new concept of this product, which is produced by third parties and of which we only deal with the design if not in particular cases

Do you have an external production?

Yes, we choose a third-party company in Abruzzo (strategically at the center of the “Bel Paese” to better reach each region) and we strongly believe in the non-stagnation of doing business within a liquid and multicultural society like the current one.

Working in this way allows you to have even more “yours” spaces. A concept and a research that is also repeated in your products?

What we want to convey with Kiddin is something that we have always done from the working point of view, that is to say, to realize every imaginary without fear. Davide and I have never been afraid of anything, first as artisans and now as designers. We decided to work with children because we believe it is a fertile ground from a design point of view for the size of the game, much more than the other rooms in the house. This was a bit of a push. When we design our projects we always want to push ourselves further than the usual ways of working, with the challenge of making them useful objects for a child, eco-friendly, fun and even beautiful. We believe in movement, in play and in bringing the child’s bedroom to life at 360 degrees.
Our projects are places where children can study and rest but also and above all imagine, dream, think of being pilots or captains, using fantasy with instructive and stimulating elements.

How do you see Kiddin projected over the years?
The challenge is great because all our activity is projected to industrial by artisans, the greater the industrial seriality of the product, the greater is the commitment to make everything as precise and punctual as possible, containing costs while maintaining great quality and aesthetics. We are forty years old and therefore children of an “Ikea generation” that for 20 years has been making us coexist with allen wrenches and “do it yourself”. Even our products are and will be designed and conceived to be more and more easily mountable and allow each parent to fit a bed in the shape of an airplane or boat for their children.
For all our furnishings we have always been inspired by the Montessori principles, with elements of play that are both educational and stimulating at the same time.

With this very educational and not only productive vision of making furniture and thinking about them, we leave Valeria happy to have known such a beautiful reality, with an artisanal heart and an organized and productive instinct like a real industry.

I grew up jumping from one tree to another … I wonder how much fun could had been if I had one always available where I could climb anytime I want !



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