Many of you wrote to me about how helpful you found Mothers Spells’ last post regarding my favorite things so I decided to stop by the lovely shop again to show you more 🙂

After I became a mother I felt like a toy wasn’t just a toy anymore. I carefully choose my sons’ toys and I try to teach them respect for each one. I also do not overload their room with too much stuff so this way they have more space to explore and play with only a few good toys that they like and appreciate. I see so many kids rooms with way too many toys and they don’t even play with half of them. I also believe children need their space and the rule that applies here is less really is more. The same goes for clothes, I feel like they grow so fast and kids love to play and get dirty outside and inside as well. So I keep my laundry machine busy each day and only have the necessary amount of clothes for them . In doing this , I find we have more space and my house seems a bit less chaotic!

I am going to start with the world’s softest pajamas, they are made from bamboo fiber (sounds strange right?) I am telling you they are so soft and comfortable and include beautiful prints for boys and girls. They also have a lovely gift set for newborns that I recently purchased as a gift for all my friends that are expecting or that just gave birth. They also carry a baby blanket with the same softness and all skin friendly.

I am actually not sure if “Sophie the Giraffe” , is as famous here in Italy as she is throughout the rest of Europe so I am going to introduce you to her. This is a teether and a toy. You will find Sophie in three different versions here, including one that also makes a squeaky sound when squeezed. The other good part is that she’s made from all natural fibers (hevea rubber.)

I am a big fan of wooden toys. The ball you see here is a toy that got passed down from my older son to the younger and they both loved looking at it, turning it around in their small hands and watching the little balls move around. This went on every airplane trip we took and when they were very young they even used the ends of it to itch their gums when new teeth were breaking through.

This beautiful table I think is brilliant in a home. This game might actually help you to get through breakfast without standing up a 100x. It will keep your baby occupied for a bit…well let’s hope for quite awhile… 🙂

These three mini dinos are made out of wood and have fun shapes with wheels so they can be pushed or driven all around the room.

I wish I had seen this baby gym when my boys were younger. I find it so beautiful! You can take the toys off as well and stick it on your car seat or stroller. It is made with beautiful wood and knitted figures.

My brother recently had a son and when I went to visit them my beautiful nephew was relaxing so calm and safe in one of these. I again wished I had seen this as well when my sons were newborns. With this you can easily move around your house and let your newborn rest safely and cozily. Move it to the couch or your bed. Plus I am sure it isn’t too complicated to travel with you on your weekend getaways 🙂

Another one I wish I had for my sons’ first baths is this flower. It’s so soft ( towel-like fabric ) and lets your newborn feel so safe and relaxed for his/her’s first bath. You can easily stick this in your sink and give your baby a relaxing bath there as well.

Having a hard time falling asleep? This is a cuddle buddy that releases relaxing melodies and sounds of nature with a soft little light so that way it’s not too dark in your child’s room.

I am positive this was designed by a mother 😉 :Play and Go” is both a game blanket and a bag to store toys in. It can easily be moved around the house and then at the end of play all toys get placed in the middle and with the pull of two strings – voila, the room is clean! They have ones with many different cool prints and patterns.