There is a little store quite close to where I live which is super dangerous for me to go in, as I love every single thing they sell. It is owned by an American woman and she imports all the best baby brands – from toys, decorations, plates to clothes. Plus, she is a mother herself so she understands quite well what is good to have for our kids.

I know all these brands from New York. I have seen them in stores all over the city and they are all very popular especially since most are famous for the high-quality materials that these products are made of. Also, they are so beautiful and set a romantic atmosphere in my boys’ room. Since I have received many requests from mothers asking me what I like for my boys, I chose some of my favorite items and must – haves and would love to share them with you.

My first must-have is a swaddle. I used one quite a bit with both my boys from when they were infants. There are so many different uses ; as a light blanket, a burping cloth and sheet cover. A swaddle is very handy to bring while travelling. I always had two clean swaddles with me everywhere I went, they are just so practical.

These are the most beautiful tethers I have seen and are all natural as they are made out of wood. They each have a unique beautiful shape so you can choose your favorite. They also make a smaller stuffed animal and a tether that come as a set, you can hang it on your stroller or car seat to prevent it from getting dirty. All babies, for some odd reason,  love throwing their stuff on the ground and most times it will land only in a very dirty area!

A tiny friend to have in the crib, stroller or in the car. Organic farm buddies are also security blankets for my boys. They each have one that they adore cuddling.

These have become so popular at least in Scandinavia, you can choose either your own favorite animal or that of your child’s. I think they are cute and make the walls in their rooms a lot more fun and adventurous. My boys have their two favorites and love to point to and imitate the animal sounds.

Then the little stickers you see on the wall in some of my photos are made with fabrics that are easy to apply and to take off. It is also a fun thing to do with the kids. I allow my boys to help me put them on the wall and for a long time after that they decided to tell everyone who visited that they had done it all by themselves! The boys were so impressed and much fun decorating.

There is a beautiful selection of books that I love reading for my boys before bedtime. Nothing quite like a good story that stimulates their imagination. Parents have been reading to their children for centuries and I feel that it’s a beautiful tradition that must be kept going.

love, JM

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