Singing in the rain is a song I believe everyone knows. I came to wonder the other day what was Arthur Freed thinking of when he wrote that song?  Very few people even like the rain and on rainy days so many people complain about it and are in a bad mood. Once while I lived in NYC I asked a taxi driver how many people who came in his cab complained about the rain and he said that every one of them did. So then I came to wonder for few years now why do people do not like rain? 

Is it because you get wet? Well use an umbrella and dress accordingly, it is only weather and it is very important for our planet. It is all about the way we choose to look at it, our mind can control our mood and we can make our mood better so easily, and here I would like to talk just a little about that in this post. 🙂

Almost all children love the rain, they love splashing around and it seems exciting to them. They dress according to the weather as most of them have mothers or fathers who make sure they do so. So if we are dressing our children for kindergarden or school with rain gear it only makes sense to do the same for ourselves. We might like the rain more that way because we will stay dry. Most parents usually are cursing the rain and are running especially late when it rains. Why in the world is that? To me it is only a state of mind. We don’t have to find the rain boring just because every one else does. Someone once said if you find something boring it is just because you are boring, boring is just a state in your own mind and it is up to you how to control your own mind.

-Rain is one of the most wonderful thing that happen to our earth and our air, taking a walk in the rain makes me always want to breath deeper as the air feel so good, fresh and clean plus the smell is just so lovely and the sound of it is so very relaxing. 

– Trees and other plants get water and we can grow vegetables and fruit. 

– It cools down our planet. 

– It is therapeutic, the sound of the rain falling down can make us relax if we only allow it to. Maybe especially when you are at home or work you can light one or two candles and if you are lucky enough you can see see the rain pounding your window.

– I usually make a special dinner or lunch, something warm and shooting. 

– Take your kids outside dressed for the weather, in rain proof boots and rain coats, let them jump in puddles and walk in the park. Usually kids’ first instinct is to be happy to play out in the rain. Especially if they have rain boots on so they can walk in the puddles. My sons love it and it makes them so happy and when we come home they seem very satisfied! I run them a warm bath massage coconut oil into their skin after and give them a little cup of tea then at 8 they go to sleep and sleep very well. 

So if you think about it maybe it is time to change your ideas about rain. I know there are many people who like the rain and enjoy it like I do but they are not many that is for sure. Our mind is a powerful tool and we should use it wisely. Rainy days might be come your new favorite if you only like to. 

I bought my sons the other day two little umbrellas to add to to their rainy days outfit and they are SO HAPPY about it and they feel grown up and proud to have their own umbrella. Plus it is their favorite thing to do with me is to go out and play in the park. My boyfriend is less happy to go out and play in the rain but after each time he joins us he usually feels more happy to be home after and relax. 

Writing this makes me excited for the next rainy day or even waiting for snow. Seeing smiles on my sons like that reminds me of my childhood out and about making adventures with all kinds of weather conditions and feeling like a child again is a wonderful thing. Life seems more easy when we enjoy the little things. When I am facing some sort of crisis or life is giving me obstacles it is usually these kind of little simple things in life that cheer me up. I hope you give it a try.

love JM.

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