Our bodies are designed to move. We all need to keep moving in order to grow strong, healthy and remain that way. The way we exercise our mind by reading, learning and working so it can stay strong and clever, we also need to exercise our body.  “Mens sana in corpore sano”  translation – a healthy mind can be better supported in a healthy body. We need to implement movement especially as we age. Always planting a seed for the future even when we are already adults. Planting seeds and watering our gardens at all different levels of life.

 When many people think of exercise they think of losing weight and being skinny.Well yes, there are people that really do need to lose weight but being skinny does not equal “healthy”.  As you see in our society and allover social media there is a huge misunderstanding of this concept.  A strong, healthy and well-balanced body is what we should be looking for instead of constantly comparing ourselves to others. We should all strive to grow a stronger, happier and much more well-balanced version of our best selves.  No-one is the same and not all bodies function in the same way. Some may require more food and others less. Some feel good when they eat certain foods and others do not. Some love running and weightlifting and others prefer Yoga, Pilates or swimming. The good thing is that we can all find a place where we fit and just do it to improve ourselves and no-one else. Once you get moving you will see how quickly your mood changes for the better. You will smile often and feel lighter. You might have cravings for healthier, fresher food and drink more water. Sleep will improve, it will be easier for you to relax and give you a deeper more comfortable sleep; your body will thank you in so many positive ways. 

With the new year coming up it might be the perfect excuse to set new goals for yourself,  just do it and get your motivation going. Don’t be afraid to try out new sports,  it may surprise you just how much great and social it can be. Get your best friend or even your partner to join you for something new and have fun!

love JM

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