When I held you for the first time was the first time in my life that I realized I could kill someone.The desire to keep you forever safe was so strong in me, I just knew in that moment that I would do ANYTHING  to make it so.

When I smelt you for the first time I discovered a softness and warmth inside me that I had not even given to your father, let alone myself. This kind of warmth and softness is only meant for you.

When I gave you your first kiss on your little head and face, a tear ran down my cheek: finally, I understood what love is. I love you. Now I have learned to love your father more than I have ever loved before because he gave me you. 

When you moved your lips for the first time, that movement was just part of you trying to stretch your little body, but I could not wait to hear you speak. Listen to your stories and thoughts. Even though I must say there are times now in which I wish you spoke a little less 😉

When we looked in each other’s eyes for the first time , I could not wait to discover and investigate the world by your side. Show you what life has to offer. Show you our beautiful nature in its blossom. Make funny faces so you can laugh. 

When you drank from my breast for the first time, you gave me a powerful feeling. I felt like a real woman for the first time. You had given me my best and most difficult job ever, and despite that, it all came so naturally to me. You and I are meant to be.

When we walked together side by side, hand in hand, for the first time, I felt so proud of you. I will strive for you to be able to walk the street safe and alone. But whenever you will need, even though you may not notice, I will always be there right behind you, ready to catch you. You will always have me by your side.

But most of all, I feel so blessed that I was given a life where I can be by your side. Give you a home. Dress you. Feed you. Protect you. A life in which I can laugh with you without fear. One in which you can go to school and play, and just be a kid.  

I would like to honor the mothers in our world who have to fight every single day for these things. Sadly, some never achieve any of it, and struggle so hard every day, all day, for things that we lucky enough to take for granted. I pray and hope this will end one day. In the meantime I will do my part and support in the way I can to help. I hope you will too.

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there.

You are magical. 

love JM

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